Learn the noble art of the sweet science

Our aim is to make the benefits of boxing accessible to everyone. Our focus is on good technique & developing strong fundamental skills - good basics can keep you on your feet when the going gets tough! As the noble art, we expect all students to conduct themselves appropriately and show each other respect at all times - get your gloves on, guard up & leave your ego by the door!

The classes have been structured to include traditional boxing exercises, drills, skills & conditioning for improved strength, speed, aerobic & anaerobic fitness, agility, muscular and cardiovascular endurance combined with a progressive sparring system to make sure you get the best out of your sessions & yourself. Sparring is only permitted for members – and only when your Instructor deems you ready. Some students opt for non-contact training initially as the classes are still an excellent way of getting fit & building confidence while learning new skills safely.

All boxing classes are mixed, so students of all abilities (including complete beginners) are very welcome to attend. Whatever your level of skill, fitness or how long you’ve been attending, everyone is seen as an individual & gets the help & feedback they need to keep getting better.

Classes are every Tues & Thurs @7.30-9pm & are open to members & non-members - both men & women aged 16+. Please remember only members can spar! Please see our price list for membership fees.

Members Per Class*: £10

Non-members: £12

*Check our monthly packages for great savings!

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And if you're ready to step into the ring, or have a white collar event you've signed up for, then we're ready to guide you through your journey, & stand in your corner.

Life is like a boxing match, defeat is not declared when you fall, but when you refuse to stand again...