We believe in providing the best martial arts, boxing & fitness training we can in a safe & friendly environment, & making it accessible to everyone whether you’re looking for fitness with focus, or just fitness for fun. Check out our 'What We Do' page to see what we currently offer.

With over 25 years of experience providing our community with effective training solutions, we’ve always been committed to continually evolving & remained dedicated to motivating our members & clients to learn new skills, improve their fitness, grow their self-confidence & self belief - & ultimately live happier, healthier lives.

We know we are all different, so we welcome students of all ages, different lifestyles & varying levels of experience to train & learn in an encouraging environment that creates a positive experience to add value to people's lives. We have members that we've trained from childhood to adulthood, that have spread their wings in the world & come back to us, that have brought their families & children to us to share the same experiences they did. And that makes us proud of what we do. Our members & clients have become our friends, our members & clients have made friends & families with each other. And if you just need to check in & check out that's ok, we respect that too.

Our Dojo has been located in the heart of Putney for over 25 years, so it's easy to find & easy to get to. A Dojo 'is a physical place encompassing a culture that focuses on improving daily work through persistent practice and continuous learning' (it literally means "place of the Way " in Japanese). As our Dojo, it's a place for immersive learning, a place to escape, a place to belong, that we share with you.

 The feeling of family, loyalty & trust is paramount to us, so our team of Instructors & Staff are always sourced, trained & nurtured internally to ensure you get the best quality & experience we can offer, whether you’re participating in classes or personal training. We know our team like family as they've all been our students, we've watched & helped them grow. Everyone is DBS approved & we know their families!

Whether looking to work towards a black belt, looking to transform your body or mind, improve your fitness & confidence for a challenge that lies ahead or simply want to gain a better quality of life by making positive changes to your lifestyle, we can provide the expertise & inspiration to help you reach your goal.

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With discipline, belief, and the right knowledge, we become the best we can be...