Member Update


Firstly, our hearts go out to all of you reeling from the latest news about Tier 4, we know so many of you have no idea about what happens next, & feel your hopes of a happy Christmas have been taken away. We hope you are all still able to get to your families, or find a solution to enjoy Christmas & not be alone. We are also feeling that way, we have to choose to be happy.

We wish we could keep the doors open to you, you've made our year & have kept our faith alive. So, we are still here, even if just on on Zoom. We are here not just to help you keep your routines & keep you working out, we're here for you to log in to see faces you know are so happy to see you, to connect, to check you're ok, & to feel a little bit normal. We are here for you, & right now we need you too.

Let's stay together. Our whole timetable has now flipped to zoom again, apart from the odd day when we hope you're all relaxing & making the best of whatever you have. Log in & book in - it'd be great to see you. & if you're seeing anyone right now, come see us, there's always a friendly face waiting for you (unless T is cursing her laptop - then give it one minute, she'll smile after that).


Almost time to welcome you back!

It's official - Wednesday 2nd December we swing open the doors & invite you back in (with open arms at an appropriate distance), we can't wait!

Classes will be back on so click below or go to the & start booking!

We still have loads of time to make the most of... & we have much to do! Grading season is upon us & we're gonna make sure we all finish 2020 on a high. & a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the Zoom classes, you all - as usual - impress us so much, there's no stopping you... respect xx 

It's now business as normal up to the 23rd December (inclusively), & we're back open between Christmas & New Year to work off those mince pies & second servings (well, it is Christmas after all!).


Here we go again...we know, we feel the same way. We’re all over this, & we never stop fighting. There is no way we’re going to let all the hard work you’ve put in be wasted. 

 We’ll keep updating you with all the plans - timetable revisions, online classes, online sessions, online challenges etc. – there’s loads in store to keep you all ticking over & smiling despite whatever punches they throw at us. Please keep paying your standing orders & supporting us through these tough times.

 We’re in this together, so stick with us, we’re going to make this work.

Get your gloves on & your guard up, we won’t be beaten.


We had plans, targets, & objectives for you to achieve before we chimed in 2021.

& we’re still going to make sure you get there with us. 



We know (as usual), there's some confusion around the new tier systems & how it affects you. So simply (because we can all do with a bit more of that), our doors are still open & it's business as normal (well, the new normal). We won't ever stop fighting to keep our Dojo open, our classes running, & you - our students & clients - happy. We will always be in your corner, & we need you in ours.

 So, as usual, please keep;

- wearing your masks entering & leaving the centre, in the communal areas, & when training within the recommended safe distances

(unless children under 11, or exempt - both still subject to following our rules).

using the hand sanitisers on entry, & the hand sanitiser/antibacterial wipes as appropriate that are distributed around the centre.

following the guidelines & rules provided that you agreed to when re-entering the Dojo to keep all our team & members safe 

- using the site to book your classes, or contact us directly

RESPECTING each other, & our safe place.

If you haven't already please get in touch, go to to register & start booking classes. We're not going anywhere.




Head to to register to come back in & start booking classes! The booking service will allow you to book one week in advance.

See you soon!


Following recently issued government guidance we can happily announce Martial Fitness will reopen on Saturday 25th July. We hope you’re as excited as we are!
So it’s time to get set & get ready for the GO!
There will be further updates coming soon with an updated timetable & all the changes that will affect you. Thank you to everyone that has had our back whilst we waited for the go ahead xxx

For now...
1. Celebrate!
2. Get organised... now, where did I put that...
3. Get registered - you have to register to come back in, it's easy just head to




NEW ZOOM TIMETABLE... all current participants should've received an email with the timetable tweaks starting tomorrow further to our chats after classes (mail me if not!) but for those of you that still sit on the fence - what are you waiting for??? The clock is ticking for the doors to open so you should be getting yourselves ready, it's time. Do it!


Just email;, it's that easy...


The countdown to Martial Fitness opening its doors again in July has begun!

We are currently undergoing due diligence research & planning exploring every avenue to ensure that you & our staff feel safe & happy while you train. Remedial works have already begun on site so we are ready & prepared for your return. There will be many changes implemented to ensure we provide a safe & smoothly run service - we’ll keep you posted every step of the way, so you know how these changes will affect you. Please stick with us while we prepare for your return!

Until further notice our Zoom classes will continue & grow. If you haven’t tried them yet DO! You’d be surprised how well our amazing members are doing regardless of space or kit, & it keeps you ticking over so there are less hurdles to overcome when you come back. When permitted, we will introduce outdoor classes for small groups within the appropriate guidelines. Personal Training is back on & available NOW on & off site with appropriate restrictions.
If you want to join in or get started just email us: Otherwise WATCH THIS SPACE - We’ll be in touch soon!



Check out the updated Zoom class timetable - new classes will be added! Any members still currently on a monthly STO Standard & Unlimited it's free of charge, those on 1pw can choose 1 session but can ask to be shortlisted for additional classes, pay as you go it's just £8 a class. Register by emailing;



Facetime & Zoom Personal Training available! Just email; 


MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: martialfitnesslondonmembers. You'll have access to;

- Our YouTube classes to follow at home

- Challenges to keep you going at home

- Zoom Class timetables & class updates 

- Youtube workout suggestions & courses from hip stretches to Tai Chi

- Interaction with staff & other members.

Thank you for your ongoing support.



Following the direction issued by the government this evening, we must unfortunately temporarily close your gym.
We are asking our members to support us through this hard time, as we are working rapidly to provide monthly/pre-pay members with ongoing solutions/options through various channels e.g. online & downloadable workouts, live streaming, uploadable technical assessment/review, group sessions outside, as well as multiple Personal Training options. We also want to provide solutions for drop in members to continue training with us.
We want to help our members to stay as fit, healthy & sane as possible during these unprecedented times. We will be providing regular updates via email, website, social media and SMS. Reach out if you need to through the website, usual email, numbers or our social media channels.
Stay safe,

Jamie & Tash



Personal Training is taking off