Pads up, Guard up - Hit it!

Our Boxfit classes are by far one of the best ways to get fit in a fun social environment full of enthusiasm & great tunes! You’ll get a full body workout without even realising it, & at the end of every session you'll walk away feeling lighter physically & mentally with a smile on your face.

No prior experience of boxing is required, & as you’ll be training amongst a range of students of mixed ability & ages you never have to worry about not fitting in! Boxfit is about achieving your own personal bests & continually getting better, fitter & happier! It's a favourite of our members & non-members who just fancy something different that works you hard & keeps your mind alive (goodbye boring gym!).

Every class consists of varying workout combinations including pacey warm ups, high intensity cardio, padwork combinations, blitzing sets, core conditioning, strengthening & circuit training (so you get to play with all the toys as well!) plus a generous stretch to cool down that will leave you feeling punished & rewarded!

We now run 6 classes a week available to both members & non-members - so get your gloves on & your guard up!

Members*: £8.00

Non-Members: £10.00

*Check our monthly packages for great savings!

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Boxfit is not only about fitness, but also having fun. The only person you should try & be better than is the person you were yesterday...