Teen Kickboxing

The sport of the 21st Century, for all levels of fitness

Kickboxing for Teenagers is open to 11-16 year olds. As teenagers prefer to be treated as young adults not children, we treat this class of girls and boys as young adults – which in turn creates expectations that they must step up and act as responsible young adults. Our class system allows a natural progression for our ‘Junior’ Kickboxing students to graduate into the Teen class when they are either mature or old enough. It also helps any students joining as teenagers feel they are amongst their peers and intellectual equals, which additionally can assist in aiding a smooth transition from being a child to an adolescent.

The objective is to build a stronger more confident student – as with the Adult classes we have a belt grading system in place to test and pressure their learned skill sets through each belt & help them feel a sense of achievement and self respect. Much like the adults classes they will learn all the same skills while improving their physical fitness, stamina, mental discipline, confidence and overall well-being.

Given the physical and mental changes teenagers undergo, combined with the ever increasing pressures and expectations of the world around them, Kickboxing can provide a positive influence not only due to it’s contribution to improving their health & fitness, but also their confidence amongst their peers, their focus at school – as well as their determination and ability to overcome challenges. Although we recommend Teenagers all undergo specialised Self Defence training, Kickboxing classes have also shown to increase individual awareness hence increasing their self defence skill set.

The classes involve a warm up, followed by a combination of punching and kicking to pads, where the emphasis is on technique. A large portion of the class is on grading techniques, where you work towards obtaining your black belt. This style of kickboxing is a 9 Grade system, which involves light continuous sparring. Full protective equipment is worn at all times when sparring.

Classes are every Mon & Wed @5.30pm, & by invitation only Sat @1.30pm.

Classes are Members only apart from trials (trials cannot spar), please see our price list for membership fees.

Members Per Class*: £10

*Check our monthly packages for great savings!

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Classes are relaxed and friendly, so just come along and give it a try!