Feel good, look good...

& feeling good starts on the inside

Every machine requires the right fuel to perform optiminally... you're no different! 

At Martial Fitness we believe you deserve the best for yourself & to feel the best you can so you can enjoy your training & life outside the gym! We're committed to working with you & helping you every step of the way - so start by improving your eating habits. Resolutions for a healthier you can be made at any time, and the sooner the better. Whether it's a bit of fine tuning or a complete overhaul we can find the right way forward for you.

Good nutrition is vital to successful weight loss and management, good health and optimum performance. There are no ‘wonder’ diets or foods that can cause weight loss. Neither can ‘wonder’ diets cause weight loss from a particular part of your body or make you jump higher or run faster.

Like anything, good nutrition has to be learnt and takes practice - but it works and has long term benefits e.g.

  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Better control of your blood glucose
  • Improvement in your cholesterol
  • Optimizing a healthy endocrine system
  • Increases in energy
  • Improvement in self–esteem and emotional/psychological well-being
  • Improvement in overall appearance
  • Improvement in general physical performance
  • Creation of a stronger & healthier immune system
  • Support for coping with the pressures of modern lifestyles
  • Improved support of the healthy female hormonal systems and life stages (e.g menstruation, menopause) plus healthy fertility and pregnancy
  • Optimisation of gastrointestinal health for improved digestion
  • Increased tolerance to a wider range of foods or food groups
  • Supporting routes of elimination and detoxification (the colon, the kidneys & bladder, the lymphatic system, the liver and more).

Nutrition is important for anyone practicing sport at any level, and good nutrition helps enhance performance, provides the right fuel for stamina and endurance during exercise, and assists the body in healing and post exercise recovery as well as optimising performance for specific events that you are training for, including marathon’s, triathlon’s or if you just want to improve on your current level of fitness.

Nutritional therapy is the maintenance and optimisation of health through good nutrition, it combines science (biochemistry and nutrition) with naturopathy (natural drug-free medicine) in order to promote good health.

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Your body is a finely tuned vehicle, give it good fuel & it will take you places...