Enhanced Procedures/Operative Rules July 2020

Our Centre is following these enhanced procedures and operative rules to prevent the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19:

  • All members must complete the Coronavirus/COVID-19 related liability waiver before entering the centre.

  • Compulsory use of Antibacterial hand gel at entry points.

  • Social distancing in line with Government/Health Authority guidelines. 

  • Antibacterial Wipes will be stationed around the centre to ensure surfaces and equipment (if used) can be wiped down effectively.

  • A new astringent sanitisation routine implemented before, during & after classes/sessions.

  • Temperature testing on request.

  • Only active members will be permitted to use the centre.

  • Junior students may only be escorted inside the centre by a single Parent/Guardian who must have also completed this COVID-19 related liability waiver and are subject to the same rules as all members.

  • Appropriate facial masks/cover to be worn according to guidelines.

  • Class sizes will be limited to control numbers of people on site, & access to classes will only be permitted through the appropriate booking systems.

  • Class structures have been adapted to work within appropriate guidelines, students/members must follow their Instructor’s directions, any student/client not compliant will be asked to leave.

  • Early entry before classes is not permitted, students/clients are not allowed to linger after classes to ensure smooth transitions and controlled foot traffic.

  • Changing room access will be restricted.

  • Shower access is restricted.

  • No one is allowed to spectate or loiter within the centre.

  • Where possible we request members come ready for class.

  • Sharing of equipment is not permitted, all equipment must be wiped down between usage.

  • All staff and members are required to be 100% compliant with all the new procedures and rules. We reserve the right to ask any member or visitor to leave if we feel they are in breach of the rules and causing a risk to our staff or other members.


We love that we have a close community, and appreciate you wanting to talk to each other (and us to you) especially after recent events, however due to capacity we ask you to please not loiter, we want to keep our doors open for you.