School Programmes

Creating opportunities of change where it counts

We believe that fitter/healthier bodies create healthier/fitter minds, and can help produce healthier, happier, more productive children/teenagers. We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with local schools providing a range of Self Defence & Awareness courses/seminars, as well as Kickboxing classes. 

Martial Arts has also become desired attribute on school/university applications as it shows long term commitment to achieve, dedication, determination as well as focus, respect & strength both physical & mental.

Our presence within schools & the community has also made us a preferred choice  of many students undergoing the Duke of Edinburgh assessment & award programme - it's been a pleasure seeing so many of our students complete their awards & still remain training with us!

Our aim is to work with you to provide complete solutions for on-site courses and programmes for your students (& staff!) that are convenient & guarantee quality & on-going benefits for your students including:

  • Enhanced mental focus/concentration & determination

  • Increased strength and stamina, overall better health & fitness

  • Improved self-esteem, confidence & discipline

  • Reduction in stress & tension

  • Boosted morale & motivation

  • Greater street awareness & self-protection

  • & facilitate them becoming fitter without noticing they're working hard!

Self Defence Courses & Seminars

The safety and well-being of your children is important both within and outside the school environment. Learning self-defence can help your children avoid danger, prevent conflict situations from escalating, and protect themselves - and others - from harm. The reality of self-defence is that you do not need to be either a finely tuned martial arts expert or sporty achiever. In today’s world knowledge is power, being aware of and practising good general personal safety awareness, coupled with simple, effective and easy to remember physical self-defence techniques is essential. We can’t change or control the world they live in, but we can increase the safety of your children by providing well-structured and simple but extremely effective awareness and physical techniques that can reduce the risk of suffering serious injury from an attacker, greatly increase the odds of preventing a serious assault or abduction, and even possibly save a life.

Even if the skills we teach are never required (our preference!), our programmes can increase individual confidence, improve concentration skills and awareness, enhance skills to cope with challenges and crisis as well as prevent, anticipate and avoid risk of danger or confrontation - and create an overall happier and more relaxed environment to learn and live in.

Our student programme is provided in easily absorbed building blocks to ensure knowledge is retained – and therefore can be triggered as a reactive instinct. Ultimately, we aim to teach how to avoid and minimise risk, so confrontational self-defence is never needed, but if the situation ever arises we want your children to be confident & well prepared. We believe everybody has the right to feel and be safer, and we’re committed to providing individuals of all ages from all walks of life the opportunity to take control of choosing to be safer.

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Kickboxing Courses & Classes

Our on or off-site Kickboxing courses have been designed especially for afterschool & lunchtime clubs. These classes consist of a short warm up, syllabus work (technical executions exactly as taught at our Dojo), pad work, non-contact combat - with semi-contact sparring as an option – ultimately leading from Yellow Belt to Black Belt examinations.

Courses can have a focus on using Kickboxing for fitness, or working towards completing grading examinations to achieve belts. Gradings can be held at appropriate breaks in line with the school terms throughout the year so students can see their progress & have a long term aim to progress to a Black belt. 

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