We see everyone as individuals, and your wellbeing as being both mental & physical. Everyday life today has a myriad of increasing influences such as stress & anxiety which have a negative affect on your happiness & health. So we believe whatever services we offer they should add positivity & increased happiness as well as greater self worth. And that mental & physical wellbeing go hand in hand, one thrives with the other. So get ready to grow!

Maintaining our objective of continually evolving, we have added classes into our timetable to add balance & complement the classes we historically offered & services to improve your mind & body - as feeling good starts on the inside!

We chose to offer Pilates & Yoga as an addition to our classes to offer a more enhanced training experience & create an opportunity to create complete balance within your training. It’s often said it’s the mind itself that builds the body, which is why we believe Pilates & Yoga act as the ideal compliment to other more intense exercise routines, realigning body & mind.

And just as a top class vehicle looks good on the outside, it's useless without a well maintained & serviced engine - whether your body's a well kept classic or straight off the showroom floor!

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Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive.