Add some balance to your training with Urban Yoga & Pilates

It’s often said it’s the mind itself that builds the body, which is why we believe Pilates & Yoga act as the ideal compliment to other more intense exercise routines, realigning body & mind. Maintaining our objective of continually evolving, we chose to offer Pilates & Yoga as an addition to our classes to offer a more enhanced training experience & create an opportunity to create complete balance within your training.

Our mat based Pilates is ideal as it allows you to focus both your mind and body while promoting correct posture, breathing & enhancing mobility and stability. Now every Tuesday & Friday at 9am you can start your day by realigning & strengthening yourself ready to take on a new day - get ready for a stronger, leaner you!

Even though we believe in reaching for the stars & pushing yourself to your limits, we also believe in finding calm amongst the everyday chaos of modern life - so every Saturday & Sunday at 9am it's just about rebalancing your body & resetting your mind. Our Yoga sessions are focussed to compliment your more impactful workout regimes & ease your mind into a positive new day - or just come along & chill out! No 'ohm'ing gauranteed!

And although you may have come to yoga and/or pilates to increase your flexibility or loose some weight, don’t be surprised to find that you are also sleeping better, or are able to concentrate more easily at work. Once you begin to practice regularly you are likely to notice many of the following common changes;
- Balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit
- Improvement in strength, flexibility, range of motion, and balance
- Calmer mind, reduction in stress and anxiety
- Replenished energy
- Lower blood pressure
- Increased stamina
- Stronger muscles and increase in tone
- Natural detoxification
- Improved function of internal organs
- Increased restful sleep
- Increased metabolism and energy levels
- Reduction in depression, stress, and insomnia
- Slowing of the aging process
- Increased core strength
- Better posture.

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Go placidly amongst the noise & haste...

Desiderata, 1927.