Choose to be safer

We often hear about ways of preventing your house being burgled but seldom hear about preventing yourself from being attacked. Sadly it's a fact that the chances of being attacked are increasing, however although we can't control the changing world around you, we can help better prepare you & considerably reduce your risk of a confrontational situation by using preventative measures, changing your behaviour & being better prepared.

Our black belt martial arts instructors have also instructed police officers in self defence. We have selected some simple yet effective techniques that don’t need months of training, combined them with preventative measures & skills to develop increased personal & enviromental awareness to create a cohesive, practical & realistic approach to being safer.

Many careers e.g. sales people, estate agents, planning officers, social workers, benefit officers can involve activities such as meeting people either on their own or in uncontrollable circumstances during their working day, making them particularly vulnerable.

Everyone - including your children - may travel for educational, employment or social purposes, which again can increase risk. There are a number of safety measures you can take, which together with the confidence they can gain on this course, will help reduce the risks.

Our street awareness and self defence courses offers realistic and practical advice on all aspects of self-defence. We will improve your awareness and instincts, to minimise the chance of random street crime happening to you. Whatever your size or however fit you are, choose to be safer.

Courses for one to one, small groups of friends and corporate packages are available on request.

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