All classes that involve sparring - Kickboxing, Kung Fu & Boxing - require a membership that includes a license & insurance (you can participate in Boxing as a non-member but will not be able to spar). All memberships are valid for one calendar year.

Full Membership (includes access to all classes) £90.00

Full Membership Renewal £45.00

Boxing Only £40.00

Boxfit Only £40.00

Martial Arts Personal Training Only £40.00

NB: Class payments are available on pay as you go, monthly packages & as annual packages. Monthly & annual packages are available to members only. Please see below or contact us for more details.



Per Class Only

Boxing (no sparring) £10.00

Boxfit / Conditioning £7.50

Pilates / Yoga / Capoeira £10.00


Annual Pre-pay Packages - 12 months for the price of 10 - 2 MONTHS FREE!


1 session per week £300.00

Unlimited classes £520.00


1 session per week £240.00

Unlimited* £400.00

*up to 3 classes per week.

Monthly Packages

Payable via your bank as a standing order - 'STO', or monthly cash payments - 'C'. 12 monthly payments are based on a 4 weeks per month basis to allow for bank holidays etc.


Unlimited Classes - STO: £52.00 or C: £56.95

Boxing Unlimited - STO: £45.00 or C: £49.50

Boxfit Unlimited - STO: £40.00 or C: £44.00

1 session per week - STO: £30.00 or C: £33.25


Unlimited* - STO: £40.00 or C: £45.90

*Up to 3 classes a week

1 session per week - STO: £24.00 or C - £26.20

Per Class

Kickboxing / Kung Fu / Boxing £9.00

Boxfit £5.50

Pilates / Yoga / Capoeira £8.00


Personal Training sessions can be tailormade to suit your individual needs, whether Martial Arts, fitness & conditioning or purpose specific.

For one person;

One session - £45.00

Set of five sessions - £185.00.

For two people;

Single Session - £57.00

Set of five Sessions - £245.00.

Private training for small groups is also available, please contact us for more details.

The more you train the fitter & better you are, that's why we try & make training more frequently as cost effective for you as we can