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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is usually referred to as a game with partners exchanging movements of attack and defense in a constant flow. It has been suggested that Capoeira was first created during the 16th century by slaves who were taken from West Africa to Brazil by the Portuguese colonists. Prohibited from celebrating their cultural customs and strictly forbidden from practicing any martial arts, Capoeira is thought to have emerged as a way to bypass these two imposing laws. Hidden in the musical and rhythmical elements of the form, violent kicks were disguised as passionate dance movements, and its combination of a mixture of West African cultures saved it from being identified as an attempt to preserve any specific tradition. As such, Capoeira came to life as a survival tool, not only of self-defense, but also of cultural identity. probably beginning in the 16th century.

A fast moving and versatile martial art it’s historically focused on fighting in outnumbered or in technological disadvantages. The style emphasizes using the lower body to kick, sweep and take down and the upper body to assist those movements and occasionally attack as well. It features a series of complex positions and body postures which are meant to get chained in an uninterrupted flow, in order to strike, dodge and move without breaking motion, conferring the style with a characteristic unpredictability and versatility. It is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques.

It’s music is important for the development of a good rhythm, timing, and concentration - the berimbau (a one-string bow-shaped instrument considered a symbol of Capoeira) determines the rhythms - complemented by the pandeiro, atabaque, agôgô, and reco-reco, all musical instruments that give unique colour to the Capoeira sound. Singing of traditional, folkloric, and improvised songs, with clapping, enhance the energetic atmosphere.

Capoeira every Wednesday night @ 8.30pm.

Members*: £8

Non-members: £10

*Members can also take advantage of monthly packages.

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